EnGenius  ENH700EXT Dual Radio 300Mbps 802.11n access point


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ENH700EXT is an EnGenius X-treme SMB Long-Range Dual Band 802.11n Wireless Outdoor Access Point with speeds up to 300Mbps on its high-powered 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios.

The ENH700EXT has dual band 802.11n radios and works great to provide outdoor WiFi access in high density environments like hotels, trade shows and conventions having many dual band clients like IPads, MacBooks and Android Tablets.

To set up a repeater use a pair of ENH500 bridges to connect the ENH700EXT back to the main building.

The ENH700EXT has a special reset button built into the PoE injector so it it is mounted outside in a hard to reach location you can easily reset it from indoors.

Has 4 5dBi antennas 2x5.8Ghz and 2x2.4Ghz with N Female connectors use this pigtail to connect external antennas

Complies with IEEE802.11n standard with up to 300Mbps data rate on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands
Dual-Band (radio) design allows for independent configuration and operational modes on each RF band
Up to 500mW high transmit (TX) power for longer range signal coverage
Supports transparent bridging in WDS (Wireless Distribution System) mode
Gigabit Ethernet port provides high-speed connectivity to an existing wired network
IP68-rated ruggedized enclosure designed for extremely harsh outdoor environments
Integrated dual-polarity internal MIMO (Multiple-In/Multiple Out) antenna array
Built-in surge protection on the Gigabit Ethernet connector and its four N-type antenna connectors
Includes EnGenius Zone Controller Access Point Management Software

Key Features / Benefits

Expands existing company networks and supports much more user/device capacity than legacy single-band outdoor networking solutions ideal for companies that are provisioning more mobile Wi-Fi devices within the boundaries of their network like iPads and other tablet devices
Designed to support demanding traffic for video streaming and large file transfers
Provides more operational versatility than single-band outdoor APs
Additional 5GHz band gives users the option to avoid interference in heavily-congested 2.4GHz environments
Up to 500mW transmit power expands the overall coverage area of the network enabling users to roam and work farther from their offices as necessary or required