Howto Deploy Outdoor WiFi Repeaters



Many times when deploying outdoor WiFi you will want to extend the range beyond what a single access point (AP) can cover.  To do this right you need to use two radios one to bridge and the other to repeate.

In the above example we are using a pair of ENH500 5.8Ghz 802.1n bridges to extend coverage from the Internet connected building to the outbuilding. We are using a ESR9850 router for the Internet connection disable the wireless interface on the router and it can handle hundreds of connections from the remote access points.  The ENH500 has directional antennas and uses 5.8ghz to not interfere with the client access point and can go thousands of feet line of sight.  At the outbuilding we use a ENH210 EXT in AP mode to provide the WiFi for client devices.  Simply run cat5 ethernet cable inside the outbuilding connect the power injectors with another section of ethernet. 

You can repeate the above to connect multiple buildings with additional pairs of ENH500 5.8Ghz 802.1n bridges


More information about the ENH210 EXT HERE


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