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Bluetooth technology is here to stay and can be found almost everywhere. Mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, and hundreds of smaller peripheral devices have made Bluetooth a part of everyday life both for consumers and the enterprise. However, an omnipresent, unmanaged networking technology can have a serious downside in terms of security. With this in mind, AirMagnet has developed AirMagnet® BlueSweep™, an easy-to-use freeware utility to identify and analyze any nearby Bluetooth device. With AirMagnet BlueSweep, users can:

Identify every local Bluetooth device
See interconnections between Bluetooth devices
Identify all services available on each device
This provides a simple way to gain visibility into your Bluetooth environment and identify related security issues that otherwise would go unnoticed. To insure ubiquitous access to this tool, AirMagnet is providing BlueSweep at no charge, and without technical support.

AirMagnet BlueSweep Requirements

AirMagnet BlueSweep can be used on any machine that meets the following requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2 – Service Pack 2 is required

Windows XP Bluetooth Driver – AirMagnet BlueSweep uses the native Windows XP drivers. You must use these drivers instead of the drivers supplied with your Bluetooth adapter.
A Windows XP compatible Bluetooth Adapter - A list of approved Bluetooth Adapters
can be found here. You are welcome to try other adapters that use native Windows XP drivers.

No Technical Support - BlueSweep is a freeware utility, so does NOT include any technical support. If you encounter any problems, we encourage you to visit the AirMagnet Knowledge Base

Works  with the SYBA SD-U1BLUE adapter