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AirMagnet Planner makes it easy to build a detailed model of any WiFi environment. Simply load in a map of your location, and use the built-in library of walls, doors and windows or specify your own custom materials to precisely match the building's characteristics. Your map now becomes a platform to simulate performance based on the correct number, placement and configuration of APs. Tweak any number of these settings until you achieve full coverage for end-users while minimizing signal bleed into unsecured areas. Generate a full report of your wireless environment, including a bill of materials for your infrastructure purchase. For a full description of advanced features, read the AirMagnet Planner

Design your Network

AirMagnet Planner provides full control of the proposed wireless network. Users can add APs to any location and enjoy full control over all AP settings including channel, IP address, transmit power, antenna type and characteristics. You can generate a professional report with all the information needed to properly install the network, complete with a list of required APs, their ideal placement and configuration settings. You can also use Planner to predict network speed information.
Automated WLAN Modeling
Use the "Planner Advisor" to automatically place APs on site floor plans. After you specify the expected signal coverage and mark areas where you require Wi-Fi coverage; the software automatically calculates the most optimized location for your AP on the floor map.
Create Customized Antennas

AirMagnet Planner includes over 90 of the most popular antennas for customizing your APs. The solution also includes a built-in tool to create customized antenna patterns, allowing users to replicate the characteristics of literally any antenna on the market.
Integration with AirMagnet Survey/Survey PRO

AirMagnet Planner easily integrates with AirMagnet Survey and Survey PRO, providing a single, seamless application with the industry's most complete approach to wireless LAN design, deployment and ongoing optimization. With AirMagnet Survey, users directly measure real-world RF values and client performance statistics for their deployments. By using Planner and Survey together, users can continually improve the quality of their wireless models by comparing actual RF loss values against the planned values. No other solution combines state-of-the-art predictive modeling with real-world performance data. Survey PRO users also gain additional planning capabilities with the ability to test network plans against the AirWISE engine for design requirements and Diff View which lets users directly compare predicted and actual survey results.