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Tom's Hardware reviews AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer

Airmagnet Spectrum Analyzer Version 2.0 New Features:


Personalized Real-time, Diagnostic Views

Spectrum Analyzer provides a rich set of real-time graphical displays to help you analyze your spectrum. Build your own customized diagnostic view from 12 available plots and charts such as: Real-time FFT Plot, FFT Duty Cycle Plot, Swept Spectrogram Plot, Power vs. Frequency Plot, Power vs. Time Plot, Active Device Chart, Devices vs. Channel Chart, Devices vs. Time Chart, Channel Utilization Chart, Channel Utilization vs. Time Chart, SNR Chart and Interference Power Chart. Each plot can be further customized to display only the specific data that you require. The easy-to-use Windows interface makes it easy to drill-down on information and move from one type of analysis to another.
Quickly Identify and Locate Interfering Devices

Spectrum Analyzer uses patented spectral fingerprinting techniques to measure, analyze, and display critical spectrum events and log all interfering devices in real-time. The system automatically recognizes a wide variety of wireless devices—such as Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwaves, analog video cameras, RF jammers-which can be viewed by time and channel for easy tracking and management. Once you have identified a source of RF interference, you can use the Device Finder to track the signal and find the device.
Session Record and Playback

Save your spectrum scans and play them back for future analysis. Files can be saved and shared between users for collaborative analysis. The Instant Replay feature allows users to review the most recent spectrum information and play it back, as if it were being viewed live for the first time, without interrupting the current Live Capture session.
Adds Value to Every Stage of the WLAN Lifecycle

The Spectrum Analyzer hardware/software platform integrates with AirMagnet's Survey PRO solution to provide more sophisticated wireless LAN design, and with the Laptop Analyzer PRO to provide the most complete picture of overall radio frequency (RF) quality by accounting for both the network-level and physical aspects of interference. Spectrum Analyzer is also available as an integrated part of AirMagnet's Enterprise Smart-Edge Sensor architecture for real-time, remote insight into Layer 1 of your wireless LANs.
Flexible and Mobile



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Runs on any Windows Vista/XP/2000 notebook with no specialty RF devices to carry.