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Design your WLAN infrastructure from the ground up. Determine the correct number, placement and configuration of APs required to deliver full coverage for all end users.

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Also see AirMagnet Survey Pro with multi-floor, GPS and reporting features

AirMagnet Survey


Today's wireless service providers, managed-service providers, and network infrastructure vendors all consider site surveys a mandatory and vital part of the wireless LAN deployment process. AirMagnet has addressed these requirements with the industry's most accurate WLAN planning solution.

AirMagnet Survey
Stands apart from other market solutions by enabling enterprises to collect live signal, packet and spectrum data during their site surveys. This allows enterprises to simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible—with the most accurate depiction of a real-world user experience-which ultimately results in a better performing network.

AirMagnet Survey PRO
An advanced version of the standard Survey software for wireless experts. Upgrades are available for Survey Standard Customers who want to move up to the Survey PRO version.

AirMagnet Planner
Available as a standalone product or as a fully integrated feature of AirMagnet Survey and Survey PRO.

Standard Features
Perform Active and Passive Surveys

During a passive survey, AirMagnet Survey automatically records RF data from all APs and stations in the area. This produces an excellent overview of the entire wireless environment including sources of noise and any wireless signals from neighboring networks. During an active survey, AirMagnet Survey associates itself to a specific AP and exchanges data to emulate an end-user. This enables you to map out exactly how real-world clients will perform at various locations in terms of connection speed, retry rates and packet loss.

At the end of each survey, you will name and save your survey data for later analysis, including locating stations on the map.
View Combined Survey Results

When it's time to analyze results, AirMagnet Survey can automatically merge any number of your active and passive surveys to provide the most accurate, data-rich analysis possible. A dynamic map view gives you instant insight to the potential performance of your network. In one click, you can change the map view to display signal, noise, frame speeds, retry rates, or packet loss. Two filtering modes enable you to view and analyze site data by channel or SSID. You can also filter by individual AP selections to focus your view.
Perform Accurate Network Simulations

The live data collected from your active and passive surveys enables you to simulate and measure network performance in the most scientific way possible—with the most accurate depiction of a real-world user experience. You can relocate APs on the map and adjust AP configurations—such as Power, Channel, SSID, and Noise Floor—to simulate changes in the network, which appear on your refreshed map. Drill-down on specific APs to analyze performance statistics, then tweak and adjust your simulations until you achieve optimal settings. You can also take an existing survey and view exactly how another adapter would view the survey environment.
Visualize Survey Differences

AirMagnet Survey's Diff View feature allows side-by-side visualizing of differences between two separate surveys. View how a site's wireless environment has changed over time. Likewise, users can use this feature to quickly compare Planner results with actual Survey results.
Maximize Security

Along with meeting performance requirements, AirMagnet Survey can be used to monitor for RF spillage outside the corporate building. This spillage should be kept to a minimum, unless service is to be provided in the parking lot or an outside area. Survey can also locate unauthorized stations detected during a survey on a floor map.
Perform Active Network Test

Use AirMagnet Survey's suite of utilities to actively test the network and pinpoint problems, including a signal test tool to identify potential multipath interference, ping, DHCP tools, and a library of wireless calculators.

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