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AIRMAGNET  survey pro / (formerly surveyor pro) is a separate version of the Survey software containing all the functionality of the standard version plus an additional set of features tailored to the needs of the wireless professional in a enterprise or business environment includes multi floor survey, GPS survey and reporting one year of software updates and unlimited support calls.


Survey PRO Features

AirMagnet Survey PRO software version contains all the functionality of the standard Survey version plus an additional set of features tailored to the needs of the wireless expert.


Access the AirWISE® Expert

AirWISE® is your encyclopedia source for expert survey advice. AirWise displays all areas that fail to meet the design requirements of your network, and provides recommendations and procedures for problem resolution. Whether you're designing your network for voice or planning for end-user capacity, AirWise® can guide you to the answer.
Professional Reporting

Survey PRO includes a completely integrated reporting module that instantly creates custom outputs of your site surveys and simulations. Reports include coverage and interference assessments of every channel, SSID, and AP. Reports can be generated in over 15 formats including PDF, XML, HTML, and Microsoft Excel.
Perform Detailed Spectrum Analysis

Survey PRO integrates with AirMagnet's Spectrum Analyzer, enabling both Wi-Fi and spectrum analysis data to be collected in a single walkthrough. Survey Pro automatically identifies and displays the presence of non-802.11 devices that are interfering with the WLAN at the survey locations. Your user-interface shows a location-specific FFT spectrum plot for every data point, giving you the most complete view of your wireless environment possible. Users can also use the RF spectrum heat map to visualize the average power level in the RF spectrum for each channel at any given point on the map.
Visualize Signal Bleeding between Floors

Survey PRO provides the ability to analyze up to 4 separate projects simultaneously. Users can load multiple floors of a single building to see if AP signals are bleeding to adjacent floors.
Perform Outdoor Surveys

With the combination of GPS support, 4.9 GHz support and integration with Google Earth, Microsoft® MapPoint™ and Microsoft® Virtual Earth™, AirMagnet Survey PRO provides a clear path to fast, fully automated outdoor surveys. Users can leverage their NMEA compliant GPS device to automatically collect outdoor wireless data. The results can then be analyzed in the AirMagnet user interface or exported into Google Earth.
Integration with AirMagnet Planner

AirMagnet Planner is available as a standalone product or as a fully integrated feature of AirMagnet Survey and Survey PRO. AirMagnet Planner makes it easy to build a detailed model of any WiFi environment. Simply load in a map of your location, use the built-in library of walls, doors and windows or specify your own custom materials to precisely match the building's characteristics and mark areas where you need Wi-Fi coverage. Your map now becomes a platform to simulate performance based on the correct number, placement and configuration of APs. Allow Planner to optimize the layout of Access Points on site plans automatically or manually tweak any number of these settings until you achieve full coverage for end-users while minimizing signal bleed into unsecured areas. Generate a full report of your wireless environment, including a bill of materials for your infrastructure purchase. For a full description of advanced features, read the AirMagnet Planner datasheet.

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