AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer

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Ensure Voice Quality

AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer delivers a simple top-down view into your voice deployment, clearly displaying all calls and roaming events. The solution automatically audits your WLAN to verify all Quality-of-Service and 802.11e settings are configured correctly and identifies any QoS traffic problems. All call are automatically identified, tracked and scored in terms of WiMOS Scores and WiR-Values, making it easy to see problem areas in the network.
Simplify Voice With AirWISE®

  • The AirWISE® module automatically identifies the root causes of 50 different VoFi problems and explains the situation in detail. Each alert names what devices or network setting caused the issue and recommends potential solutions. With the built-in AirWISE Expert, users can vastly reduce the amount of time needed to identify and resolve problems for their end users.
  • AirWISE includes 50 alerts covering all critical areas of wireless voice including: QoS implementation errors, overloaded AP/Channel, high packet-error rate, excessive roaming, AP interference, dropped calls, line busy, high retry rates, one-way audio problems and much more.
Simple, Complete Call Investigation

  • View complete details on any call with customizable charts correlating changes in quality with over 50 critical call metrics.
  • Full visibility into all call roaming events in the network. "Follow Phone" feature enables the VoFi Analyzer to track a particular device for focused analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Correlate changes in call quality with AirWISE alarms and roaming events.
  • View interconnections between all devices in the network.
  • Actively track both voice and data statistics for all APs and Channels.
AirMagnet VoFi PRO

  • Contains all features in the standard version of AirMagnet VoFi plus integration with leading voice solutions from Cisco, Spectralink and Vocera.
  • Integration with Cisco Call Manager and Call Manager Express — Enables the VoFi Analyzer to retrieve end-user information such as name and phone number as well as wire-side diagnostic information such as latency, lost packets and call termination reasons.
  • Integration with Spectralink Phones — Enables the VoFi Analyzer to receive diagnostic information directly from support Spectralink phones via Syslog. This provides invaluable insight into the actual performance and the end-user phone which can be correlated with data seen in the air and on the wire.
  • Integration with Vocera Server — Synchronizes the VoFi Analyzer with user information stored in the Vocera server for simple user identification in AirMagnet troubleshooting sessions

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