Technical               Dermott O’Neill



Specialty Areas:

Design, implementation and support of Internetworking systems. 

Designed and implemented Network Management solutions using Netview/6000, HP Openview, Micromuse Netcool, Telamon Telalert, CiscoWorks, APC PowerChute, Compaq Insight Manager along with writing code to access  MIBS and react to unsolicited network traps.  Programming in UNIX shells, Perl, C, awk, sed, Pascal and FORTRAN.  Experience in computer hardware, operating systems including AIX UNIX, Solaris, NT, SCO UNIX, Linux, BSD UNIX, and HP UNIX environments.  UNIX Systems Admin.  Knowledge of  X Windows, sendmail, DNS and syslog.  Working knowledge of switches, hubs, bridges, routers and network sniffer.



                                                            Lucent Technologies/ International Network Services – Senior Network Systems Consultant



Worked in a UNIX/NT 4 environment.  Designed and implemented the interface between Tivoli TEC and Tivoli Netview/6000 using custom rulesets.  Supported conversion of NT 3.51 to NT 4 and later to Windows 2000.   Developed scripts and procedures for monitoring the conversion process using Netviews databases.  Supported the conversion from an unmanaged hub environment (Bay) to a managed switched environment (Cisco). Wrote perl scripts and korn shell scripts for collecting MIB data from over 5,000 IOS devices to automatically update web based applications for inventory tracking, usage and health.  Installed and upgraded AIX and SCO based UNIX platforms.  Tuned the AIX servers for optimal application performance.  Customized hundred of Netview traps to monitor the network event stream.


United Health Care

Project Management in an NT environment.   Supported Frame Relay network build out at large healthcare provider.  Tested new network environment and managed issues with legacy users.  Ensured weekend cutovers went smoothly from a data perspective.


Independent Consulting



Worked in Network Systems Assurance.  Level 2 support for the IBM Global Network (IGN).  Designed, developed and implemented complex test suites for IBM’s multiprotocol IP and Frame Relay routers that comprised the global network.  Used Netview/6000 to monitor the Frame Relay Network.  Debugged and fixed microcode for network adapters.  Benchmarked and tested Cisco, IBM and Ipsilon routers for competitive analysis.  WAN Management for Advantis (part of IGN). Worked on Internet Drafts for layer 2 switching designs.


The NASDAQ Stock Market

Software development for NASDAQ’s current trading system.  Developed client/server code for a TCP/IP  based global trading application.  Created a custom Transaction Server for the Intel platform running SCO UNIX along with a Windows based client to access the Transaction Server securely.  Developed a trading simulator to train customers on and to take to trade shows to demo the new trading systems.



Compiler development for AIX UNIX.  Wrote library functions for the AIX C, Pascal and FORTRAN compilers.  Fixed compiler bugs and ported compilers to newer AIX versions.   Developed test suites from unit test and integration tests to perform baseline and regression testing for all new releases.






B/S Computer Science, Southern Connecticut State University 1984



                                                            Certified Wireless Network Administrator,

                                                            Microsoft Certified System Engineer