EnGenius EOC-2610 Firmware Update Adds New Features

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With the release of firmware version 1.0.37 the EOC-2610 now supports the following new features:

supports new locator utility click here for more information

WDS repeater (repeat the wireless signal with another EOC-2610)

Multi SSID (allows multiple SSID names each each may have different security and VLAN tag)

VLAN tagging (send traffic over private channel for each WLAN SSID)

108Mbps super G (increase throughput by bonding multiple channels)

BSSID checkbox option in Wireless Network Page (locks you client bridge to one AP MAC address to prevent roaming)

Built-in PING function and Trace Route function in Web GUI (WISP troubleshooting features)

narrowband support (Support more than 3 non overlapping WLANS in one area)

and much more

Click here for more information on the EOC-2610