EnGenius network configuration software

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We have designed software for all EnGenius 3220 series products to help our customers configure and manage their devices.  We cannot offer support or guarantees for this free software, it is provided ďAS ISĒ.  Please use this forum for feedback regarding the software. 


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The first program will do a soft reset to default the 3220 if you lock yourself out of the web interface. Simple run the program and follow the instructions.  You will need to provide the program with the IP address of the 3220.  However if you are running Windows XP you can enter the broadcast address (i.e. and the program will locate the device and reset it to factory default.  Beware that you may lose access to the device if itís sitting on your network. You have to set your computers IP address to the correct subnet (i.e. for default.  If you are unsure of the IP address you will have to do a hardware reset using the reset button and sequence on the ecb-3220 or the console cable on the eoc-3220 series.

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 The second program was designed for the many boaters and RV park users of the 3220 units.  It will connect to a default 3220 and upload our special configuration file.  The configuration will setup the 3220 as a repeater with a SSID of ANY and change the IP address to  This configuration will work for many without making any changes to the web interface.  However if your service provider uses encryption you will have to load the web interface and configure the correct type and key you will also have to use the same key when connecting the the repeater.  When the 3220 connects to a access point you will see the repeater SSID and can use that to access the Internet!    If you need to configure the bridge after running the program you will have to set your computers ip address to and then back to DHCP to get on the Internet.  If you are using this repeater configuration and the bridge connects to a access point on the same network you can cause a loop.

Our idea for the configuration was to use the computers wired Ethernet port to configure the unit.  Then connect to the repeater with SSID of "repeater" with your computers wireless card.  We also change the IP address from the default because it is used by many access points and can create an IP address conflict.  Then if you need to manage the bridge you can plug your computers Ethernet into the device and unplug when done.  This eliminates the step that confuses many people changing the IP address from static to DHCP for internet access.


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