Engenius Senao NUB-362 200mW USB adapter review


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The Engenius NUB-362 is the next generation long range 200mW and high speed USB 2.0 802.11g / super g client.  The adapter is based on the Atheros ar5523 chipset to provide super long range and high data throughput.  Windows drivers are provided I was not able to test under Linux because the madwifi driver does not yet support USB however the ndiswrapper driver should work using the windows drivers.

The adapter is small and flat with a fixed antenna and detachable mini usb cable.


Inside the unit the antenna is soldered to the board a U.FL connector is also provided.

This is a netstumbler graph of the nub-362 with a 2611cb3 10 feet away

For comparison this is a 200mW 2511cd plus ext2 the reading are very close.

Here is a chariot graph with the nub-362 connected to a 5354ap1 aries2 with a  Atheros chipset

This is a graph of the nub-362 connected to a 3054cb3 with a prism chipset

Here is a AirMagnet signal strength graph.

Here is a spectrum analyzer graph showing peak and average power levels. 

We have a 2611cb3 on channel 1 a 3054cb3 on channel 6 and the nub-362 in ad-hoc mode on channel 10.


The Nub-362 provides both high power output for long range and high throughput is a USB 2.0 package that will work well with desktop or laptop computers.  The addition of a external antenna via the connector on the board would allow for long range making this a perfect CPE device for WISPS.

 Click here for more information on the NUB-362