Long Range Outdoor WiFi Bridge Kit with Video IP Camera Enclosure

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enclosure details:

Forget everything you know about camera enclosures. This revolutionary environmental housing resets the standard, providing heavy-duty protection to PTZ cameras from the rigors of outdoor exposure, vandalism and physical damage.

The enclosure is compatible with virtually every IP and analog PTZ camera on the market Axis, Canon, Toshiba, JVC, Panasonic, Sony and many more.

Save by using a indoor IP camera with this enclosure instead of a outdoor IP camera costing much more:

type  make / model            Street price
Indoor Dlink dcs-5300   $250
indoor Vivotek PT3112 $200
outdoor ACTi CAM-7301N $799
outdoor Sony Exview CCD 352x $650

The enclosure allows a variety of standard sized accessories to be safely shielded inside the housing

Dimensions: 14" x 13" x 15"
Weight: 9 lbs.

Features of enclosure
IP and analog camera compatible
Vari-Fit internal bracket included for perfect fit
Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic
IP66 rated against dust, water, and salt water air.
IP68 (water proof) connection ports
Environmental options for virtually all applications
Onboard Component mounting space for: routers, cell networks, hard drives, UPS, WiMAX, mesh hardware, etc
Built in antenna mounting tab, Heavy-duty lower lens for impact resistance


IP camera not included