AirMagnet and Engenius / Senao long range wireless products reviews

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600mW ECB-3610S

EnGenius_802.11n_ products_review_EUB-9701_EXT2_ESR-9710

600mW ECB-8610S

EnGenius 3220 series Universal Wireless Repeater

Wi-Spy 2.4x Spectrum Analyzer Review

REMOTE DATACOM KABU 800 6 port PoE switch w remote reboot

ECB-3220 400mW BRIDGE / AP




LONG RANGE Wi-Fi card shootout


Airmagnet Surveyor review


NL-5353AP1 aries2 Dual band a/b/g access point.


200mW NL-3054CB3 plus deluxe access point / bridge


200mW 2511-CD-PLUS Long Range Wireless PCMCIA card


200mW 2511-CB3-PLUS Long Range Wireless Ethernet Bridge


    2511-CF Long Range Wireless Compact Flash Card


802.11b Throughput test 2511-CD-PLUS, 5354CB, Orinoco Silver


802.11a Throughput Test NL-5354CB-PLUS-ARIES


Performance effects of enabling WPA