Easily Save on Calling Now!!!  Wi-Fi Phone for the Gizmo Project:


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The combination of the Gizmo online software and the EnGenius wireless phone (Wi-Fi phone) allows low-cost calling anywhere in the world. The Gizmo Project now offers SIP accounts with some of the lowest calling rates available. Along with extremely low international rates there are no connection fees or account maintenance fees!

By pairing the Gizmo SIP account with the EnGenius WiFi SIP phone (EnGenius EnQue IQ) it will provide you with an always on mobile phone solution in just a few easy steps. 

First sign up for a Gizmo Project account and then purchase "call-out" minutes here. You can also purchase a "call-in" number to allow outbound calling. This can be purchased together with the "call-out" number or at a later time.

Next you can easily connect to a wireless signal using the EnGenius iQ?s WLAN page. 

Once associated to an access point go to the information section and then the network page of iQ and write down the IP address.

Open your web browser and enter the IP of the phone in the URL username, "admin", and password, "iktpw".

Now go to the iQ's SIP page and add a new profile with the following information:

For SIP User Name and Authorization Name use your 11 digit gizmo account number and for password use your gizmo password.

Note: this is your Gizmo account number not your assigned phone number for call in. 

Next save and reboot the phone.

When the phone restarts and connects to the WiFi signal you should see your 11 digit gizmo account and registered on the screen. 

You can now make calls to any phone number and receive calls if you purchased a call in number.

Click to purchase the IQ Sip phone