Technical               Jeff Keenan



Specialty Areas:

Design, implementation and support of Internetworking systems. 

Installation of switched wan services (frame relay) and Ethernet LAN environments.  Programming in Perl, Java, CGI, C, SQL.  Experience in computer hardware, operating systems including Solaris, NT, Linux, BSD UNIX, SGI IRIX and HP UNIX environments.  Designed Electronic Commerce application environments with Netscape, Apache, IIS, Domino, Netegrity Siteminder, Webtrends, IBM WebSphere and BEA Weblogic servers.  Secured networks with Raptor/Axent and checkpoint firewalls, SSL, Radius, Proxy and VPN technologies.  Knowledge of sendmail, DNS and Network News systems.  Working knowledge of switches, hubs, bridges, routers and network sniffer.



                                                            Lucent / International Network Services



Worked In a E Business architecture and infrastructure group.  Designed E Business backend systems with BEA Weblogic, Iplanet Webservers, Netegrity Siteminder, Checkpoint Firewalls, Netscape LDAP, F5 Load Balancers,  EJB and java servlets,  Perl Scripting, Sun Solaris and Windows NT/2000 systems.


United Health Care

Worked in a NT environment.   Supported network build out at large healthcare provider.  Tested new network environment and managed issues with legacy users.  



Worked in a NT environment.  Supported roll out of  Microsoft SMS at large insurance company.   Wrote perl scripts for collecting asset management information from workstations.  Wrote visual basic and SQL programs to manage backend databases.



Worked in a Solaris and NT environment.  Provided network trouble shooting , network application readiness, and network security services for major pharmaceutical company.  Solved network problems in large Cisco WAN and Switched LAN environment using network sniffer.  Provided connectivity for extranet environment with Cisco routers and switches. Baseline network applications with Optimal Networks tools.  Secured network with Raptor and Checkpoint firewalls.   Tested various VPN solutions for deployment.


Gen Re

Worked in a NT and Solaris environment.  Designed and maintained Electronic Commerce application environments for large re-insurance organization.   Worked with IIS, Domino and BEA Weblogic servers.  Maintained Microsoft site server search engine.  Installed and maintained Verisign Global SSL certificates.  Maintained network security with Checkpoint firewall.  Set up Microsoft Proxy servers with content filtering software.  Provided guidance during network security audits.


Ziplink LLC:  Network Engineer

Worked in a BSD UNIX, Linux and NT environment.

Cisco Router and CSU/DSU configuration for 56k-T1 Internet connections point to point and frame relay.  Set up dial on demand connections for ISDN and modem.  Hosted DNS system for multiple domains.  Set up and maintained Merit Radius servers for secure authentication.  Maintained Netscape Commerce server for secure transactions.  Set up and maintained Apache web servers.  Provided HTTP connectivity to MS SQL servers.  Set up Real Audio server for real time audio over the Internet.  Set up IP proxy servers for security and address space reduction.


                                                            Wing.NET: Network Engineer

Worked in a IRIX, NT, Linux and BSD UNIX environment.

Cisco Router and CSU/DSU configuration for 56k-T1 Internet connections point to point and frame relay.  Maintained access lists on Cisco routers for network security.  Configured and maintained DNS, Mail and News on SGI challenge servers.  Set up and maintained Netscape Enterprise Server for virtual web hosting.  Set up HTTP connectivity to Sybase SQL gateway.  Designed CGI programs in Perl and Java for interactive web sites. 


GTECH INC: Software Engineer

Worked in a HP UNIX, VMS, OS32 and Z80 embedded environment.

Designed and documented real time embedded applications for network of lottery terminals in the C programming language.  Maintained high volume transaction software designed in Fortran.


Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Worked in a HP UNIX and VMS environment.

Designed real time data acquisition software in basic, Fortran, and C.

Maintained Secret level DOD clearance.



B/S Computer Science, Eastern Connecticut State University 1993


A/S Computer Systems Technology, Three Rivers Technical College1991



                                                            Certified Wireless Network Administrator, Microsoft Certified System Engineer