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Marine 11n WiFi long range USB Kit

This is the longest range USB WiFi solution for boaters and campers with range up to 3 miles +. This kit includes the 600mW USB adapter and all required cables and drivers for XP, Vista and 7 now also supports MAC. Our latest adapter takes up only one USB plug and support all WiFi networks 802.11b g and n at speeds up to 150Mbps. Includes a 8.5dBi marine antenna with pole and wall mounting hardware, a 2 foot antenna cable. you will get the best signal with the short 2 foot antenna cable but the longer cable gives you more mounting options The long range USB adapter includes a screen clip and 5 foot USB cable. This is a plug and play system install the driver and plug in the adapter and you will be on the Internet. includes: high power / long range USB adapter 8.5dBi antenna with mounting hardware 2 Foot antenna cable 5 foot dual USB cable 5dBi scew on antenna screen mounting clip and suction cup for window mounting shown with 2 foot antenna cable

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