ÜberWi UXC Gateway

UXC GATEWAY WILL OPERATE AT STARTER LEVEL WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION, REQUIRES MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY Click here to see features and pricing ÜberWi UXC gateways remotely connect, monitor and control access to Wi-Fi networks across many industries including education, municipalities, retail chains, restaurants, campgrounds, marinas, concerts, and sporting venues. Providing a unified user experience in geographically diverse locations, The ÜberWi UXC seamlessly connects to the cloud where it is managed and configured. ÜberWi UXC gateways feature local network routing, NAT and firewall services, in addition to intrusion protection keeping your network safe from unauthorized access. ÜberWi makes managing one or 1,000 networks simple with built-in monitoring tools, reports and a web-based dashboard. Network Monetization Using Built-in Tools • Easily Build Email Lists from Users Social Media Logins • Built-in Billing, Reporting and Credit Card Processing • 100% Compatible with ANY Wi-Fi Radio, Simplifying Network Deployments • Plug-and-Play Installation that Work with Any ISPs High-Speed Internet • Centralized Cloud Portal for Managing Multiple Locations • Securely Segregate Private from Public Network Traffic • Integrated Security Firewall Providing Intrusion Protection • Lowest Cost of Ownership by Leveraging Existing or New Wi-Fi Networks • Ideal for Large and Small Wi-Fi Networks with Varying Wi-Fi Needs APPLICATIONS • Retail/Chain Stores • Shopping Malls • Pavilions / Concert Venues • Multi-Dwelling Units • Convention Centers • Schools/Campus’ • Restaurants



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