• Model:12dbi-omni

12dBi omni directional antenna n female connector


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 This antenna is matched for best performance with the Engenius equipment. 4x the range of a stock 3dBi. 
 Use for applications that require more than 1 mile in all directions. 
 Includes pole mounting hardware n female connector.   It has a standard N female connector to fit any of our pigtails.  
optional wall mount
•Frequency: 2.4-2.5GHz
•Gain: 12dB
•Polarization: Vertical
•Horizontal Beamwidth: 360 degree   
•Vertical Beamwidth: 15 degree   
•VSWR: < 1.5 : 1   
•Max Power: 50 watts   
•Lightning Prot: DC ground   
•Standard Connector: N-type female (50 ohm)   
•Radome Material: White Fiberglass   
•Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C   
•Length: 63.0in (160cm)   
•Weight: 2.5lb (1.12kg)   
•Mounting: 2.0in (5.1cm) max. diameter mast   
•Includes mounting hardware: 2 aluminum brackets, 2 U-bolts 2.7 in (6.9cm) 
 Applications: RV parks, WISP access points. Marina main access point. 
 This antenna will go in the for a long distance 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, and 15 degrees in the verticle as in the charts below.