• Model:wr-pmt-1

Paramount Universal Wi-Fi AP mounting system


Quick, screwless installation of AP.

works with most Wi-Fi AP's including:

Ruckus R710, R720, R510, R310

Engenius EWS360AP, EWS350AP, EWS330AP,

Aerohive AP250, AP550

Meraki MR12, MR33, MR42, MR52

No zip ties or velcro, professional look and result.

Reduces number of AP units required for room coverage

Safe, secured use for unstable installations such as yachts.

Brings access points closer to client devices, ensuring faster connections.

Paintable cover allows matching decor, completely hides AP devices to please interior designers.

Protects and hides access point and wires to prevent damage, theft, or unauthorized alteration.

Service in minutes, easy to upgrade, modify, or replace installed AP.

Lowers installation and material costs. Client satisfaction guaranteed.