• UPC/EAN:0655216010017
  • Model:EPA5006GR

EnGenius EPA5006GR 32W Gigabit PoE Adapter with Reset Button


 EnGenius EPA5006GR gigabit proprietary Power-over-Ethernet adapter supports high-speed data and up to 32.8 watts of power. Compact port design provides easy installation, and built-in power surge protection preserves valuable equipment. A PoE injector, placed closer to ground level, has a reset button that allows administrators to reset devices conveniently without having to take them down.

Reset button works with ECW160, ENH1350EXT, ECW260, ENSTATIONACV2


Devices can be power up by EPA5006GR(GP):

EAP1250, EAP1300, EAP1300EXT, EWS330AP, EWS355AP, EWS357AP, EWS360AP, EWS377AP, EWS385AP,
EWS850AP, EWS550AP, EWS660AP, ENH1350EXT, EnStationAC, ECW120, ECW220, ECW230, ECW160, ECW260

·       Deliver Data & Power Over A Single Cable

o      Connect and extend power to PoE-compatible devices such as Access Points, IP Cameras and VoIP phones over a single CAT5/6 cable.

·       Deployment Flexibility

o      Extend power to deployment locations where electrical outlets are unavailable, up to 328-feet away such as on ceilings or in crawl spaces.

o      A PoE injector reset button allows users to reset devices without removing them.

o      Optimal port design provides easy positioning in difficult installations

o      Compact design encapsulates the power supply for easy placement

·       Connect & Power at Gigabit Speeds

o      Combine high speed and power for maximum device performance.

·       Protect Valuable Equipment

o      With disconnect, short-circuit and surge protection, valuable networking equipment is guarded from power surges or short-circuits associated with lighting strikes and electrostatic discharges (ESD).

·       Distributes up to 32.8W of Power

o      Power a single Access Point, Switch, IP Camera or other PoE-enabled device up to 32.8-watts.