• UPC/EAN:0822335075399
  • Model:sma f to nm

Pigtail rp-sma male to n-male 2 ft


RP-SMA male to N-Male 2 ft This is the correct pigtail for the ECB350, eoc2611p, enh200 ext, eoc1650, eoc-5610, EUB9603H, EUB-362 EXT, EOC-3610S, EOC-8610S, EOC-3220, ESR-9710, EUB-9701 EXT2, EPI-3601S and ESR-1220

This pigtail is matched for best performance with the Engenius equipment. The coax and connectors used in these cables are high quality low loss

We do not stock longer pigtails because they should be as short as possible to reduce line loss.