WIFI Wireless Network Services for CAMP GROUNDS


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Camp grounds can now offer to their customers a high speed Internet connection.  We are able to complete an average install in a few days including all equipment needed for the guests.  We will completely setup the 802.11b wireless technology that operates on the 2.4ghz range. All cards that are supported under Wi-Fi will work with the network.  If a guest does not have wireless equipment they are able to loan the our equipment from the owner.  Our cb3 wireless Ethernet adapter requires no user configuration.  We can offer free or charge for access solutions for your business.  When a wireless user opens a web browser either a splash page is displayed with your welcome message and terms of service or a sign on page the accept the users information.  We also offer the highest power 802.11 access points available they allow you to use fewer access points in your hotel saving on up front cost.

Your guests and staff will be able to connect to the Internet at high speed without any wires! Using their laptops or wireless handhelds, they can each have a full speed Internet connection while on your premises. Give access to each room in your hotel without drilling a single hole! Rollout the infrastructure in days instead of months! Your customers can check email anywhere. You can even deploy custom applications that are only available at your business.


One measure of our proficiency in wireless networking is our team of Certified Wireless Network Administrators. The CWNA certification is a vendor-neutral wireless networking certification from Planet3 Wireless. This certification shows competency in a broad range of wireless networking topics, including the security, administration, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of wireless network systems.   Keenan Systems is proud to be one the few CWNP solutions providers and the only one based in the North East.



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