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Also see AirMagnet Survey Pro with multi-floor, GPS and reporting features

AirMagnet survey

The Standard Edition of AirMagnet Survey is designed to provide network managers with an easy-to-use tool for performing fast scientific site surveys of any wireless LAN . AirMagnet Survey PRO includes all the features of the standard version plus a variety of features uniquely targeted to the needs of the wireless expert. AirMagnet's Survey products are the only solutions to perform truly active surveys, where the application actually associates to the network to gather real-world packet and speed data. Trusted by more than 2,500 customers, AirMagnet Survey is a standard tool for any network manager, professional site surveyor or systems integrator.

With AirMagnet Survey networking professionals can:

Identify Coverage Areas and Dead Spots

Establish Ideal AP Placement and Configuration Settings

Simulate and Optimize Network Changes

Identify Areas of RF Interference and Noise

Identify Client Roaming Areas

Emulate Client Experience to Measure Real-World Connection Speed, Retry Rate,
and Packet Loss

Insure Adequate Bandwidth and Speed for any WLAN