iPhone 13 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Speed Testing

I wanted to test maximum Wi-Fi speed of the iPhone 13 Pro so first I used speedtest.net I have a 1Gb Internet connection and I saw just under 600Mbps.

Next I used iPerf between my 10GbE connected workstation and my Ruckus R750 connected to the same ECS2512FP gigabit switch at 2.5GbE and Again saw just about 600Mbps throughput.

I tested with 2 different access points in 80Mhz mode and get the same results. This is quite a bit less then the 800Mbps I saw with the iPhone 12 Pro. Please comment below if you have seen similar results with the iPhone 13 Pro?

Above is a graph of a 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 laptop (green) and the iPhone 13 Pro (blue) throughput.