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What does the spectrum analyzer plot of a Wi-Fi 6 connection look like?

I wanted to see what the channel spectrum looks like for a Wi-Fi 6 connection. So I used my Ekahau sidekick spectrum analyzer to look at a connection between a iPhone 11 pro and a Ruckus 8×8 11ax R730 and here is what I saw.

I ran iPerf to fully load the channel you can see the R730 is on channel 149 @ 80Mhz channel width.

There is no indicator on the iPhone 11 to show a Wi-Fi 6 connection like there is on a Samsung Galaxy S10. However if we look at the client list on the Ruckus Zonedirector we see it is connected at 11ax.

Next I captured a video of the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 both running iPerf servers against different wired clients. You can see the OFDMA Resource Units in action

Lastly I ran the same test again with a 20Mhz channel here is that video zoomed in.

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