Ruckus R750 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 AP Range and Speed Testing with iPhone 11 and Samsung S10

I just got in the Ruckus R750 it is the first Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP to be certified by the Wi-Fi alliance. I did speed and distance testing at 3 locations in my home. I put the R750 on a clean 80Mhz 5Ghz channel running off the DC power supply. I ran a iperf server on the phones and a jperf client on a PC connected to the same gigabit ethernet switch as the Access Point. Here are my results.

First I tested the iPhone11 at 5 feet in my QI charging cradle. I averaged 600Mbps with spikes to 650Mbps.

Next I tested the S10 at the same location and had almost the same results 600Mbps average with spikes to 650Mbps.

Next I tested at a location 25 feet from the access point with direct line of sight. Here the iPhone 11 was averaging 400Mbps with spikes to 475Mbps and a low of 250Mbps.

Then I tested the S10 at the same location and saw a average of 425Mbps with spikes to 450Mbps and a low of 375Mbps.

Next I tested at a location 50 feet away with 3 walls in between the AP and IPhone11. Here I saw a average of 120Mbps with spikes to 135Mbps and a low of 20Mbps.

Then I tested the S10 at this location I saw a average of 45Mbps with spikes to 60Mbps and a low of 25Mbps.

Lastly I did one more test the R750 should be capable of full 4×4 operation over standard 802.3at PoE+ so I ran one more test powered this way. I manually selected Power Consumption Mode 802.3at+ PoE for the R750 from the zonedirector restarted the AP and then verified via the CLI. Running in PoE mode I saw about the same numbers as I did running off the DC power supply averaging 625Mbps with spikes to 650Mbps.

In summery the Ruckus R750 is a great mainstream 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that can hit high speeds even at distance. The R750 is the first Wi-Fi 6 AP to be certified by Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 . These would be great for hotels, schools, managed care facilities and the enterprise. The R750 will fit into your current network it can be run off a standard 802.3at PoE+ gigabit switch. It also has a 2.5Gbps ethernet option for high client dense situations where you have deployed multi gig switches like the ICX7150-C10ZP-2X10GR. We have more information on the R750 here.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Ruckus R750 860 748 4110

Wi-Fi 6 Client Speed Testing With Samsung Galaxy S10

I wanted to do some throughput testing with the Wi-Fi 6 EnGenius EWS377AP Access Point at close range with a Wi-Fi 6 client the Samsung Galaxy S10e and see how it compared to a Wi-Fi 5 client on the same Access Point.

I setup the EnGenius EWS377AP a 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point on a clear channel in 80Mhz mode. I placed the S10 within five feet of the Access Point in a horizontal orientation for the best results. The S10 is a 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 device the fastest speed I was able to maintain was 907Mbps or (256-QAM with a 1600 ns GI) but I briefly saw 960Mbps (256-QAM with a 800 ns GI)

I ran iPerf2 for android on the S10 in server mode and jPerf on my workstation in client mode.

Here are the results I was able to maintain 800Mbps with bursts up to 831Mbps pretty good!

If we compare these to a high end Wi-Fi 5 client the iPhone Xs I got around 600Mbps average with spikes up to 613Mbps

So this testing show a single 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 client can maintain 800Mbps at short range. We might need to utilize the 2.5Gbe capability of the EWS377AP sooner than we thought!

Range will be a different test but is is very hard to replicate every environment is different while my results for speed are easily reproduced

The EWS377AP is available here for under $300!