C8 Carwash Free Wi-Fi 6 AP ECW336 6E Specs Cloud vs Hosted ECW230S Spectrum Analyzer, 2.5G switch

Today myself and Bryan talk about taking my mid engine C8 corvette through a touchless carwash Free ECW220 Wi-Fi 6 AP giveaway for businesses request one here https://rb.gy/nh0bvg The ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E AP specs are here https://rb.gy/ocud0t You can purchase it here https://rb.gy/hfjzyy when when they start shipping in Q2 We talk about the advantages of Cloud Wi-Fi vs Hosted and on Prem management solutions. This week I used the ECW230S Spectrum Analyzer to remotely troubleshoot a issue. You can purchase one here https://rb.gy/2lvjt4 Multigig 24 and 48 port switches are in stock here https://rb.gy/jyzzut Multigig PoE++ switches are also in stock these work great with any vendors AP that requires PoH power. https://rb.gy/gp4ahn