Remotely Deploy Great Wi-Fi With Ruckus Cloud


With the new ruckus cloud you can onboard Access Points and switches from across the country using the ruckus cloud website or app.  You can have Keenan Systems drop ship access points or switches directly to your customer and then remotely configure them.  You can even invite us to help setup your cloud networks.



With the ruckus cloud app you can monitor and create Wi-Fi networks from your pocket!



You can even managed your switches using the ruckus cloud



Most ruckus access points are cloud ready and you can convert any unleashed or zonedirector managed access point (R500 or newer) to cloud managed with a simple firmware update. Contact me for questions.

The cloud license cost covers 24/7 support, software upgrades and a mobile app for configuration and monitoring.

Unlike other solutions you can convert your cloud managed access points back to zonedirector managed or unleashed at any time protecting your investment. Also AP’s continue to work even if a cloud subscription ends.


Please contact me today for a quote with special cloud promotion pricing. There are no minimums you can start with as little as one cloud managed AP.

Jeff Keenan

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The iPhone 11 doesn’t have 5G, and that’s totally fine because it has Wi-Fi 6!

The iPhone 11 specs were just announced and as expected it doesn’t support 5G. While 5G is all the rage right now, the technology is still very much in its infancy don’t expect coverage in anything but the largest city’s until 2021. Furthermore adding 5G to a phone requires bulky antennas and power hungry chipsets and this point.

More importantly all iPhone 11’s support Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)! Wi-Fi 6 will give the iPhone 11 super fast gigabit speeds while increasing range, speed at range and battery life. See our testing of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Offloading your data from the costly cellular networks to Wi-Fi 6 will always be faster and will not incur a monthly charge per device.

Now to use the iPhone 11 at its full potential you will need Wi-Fi 6 access points. We have been testing several and the EnGenius EWS377AP is very good. For high density situations look at the Ruckus R730 or new R750.

Contact me with any questions about designing your Wi-Fi network to be optimized for Wi-Fi 6.

8×8 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 Range Testing with the Ruckus R730

I wanted to test if the additional MIMO radio chains on a Wi-Fi 6 Access Point improve speed at distance even for a 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi client like a smartphone. I setup a Ruckus R730 802.11ax Access Point with zonedirector firmware 10.3 using a external power supply for full 8×8 capability on a clear 80Mhz channel at 5Ghz. This is currently the highest capacity Wi-Fi 6 AP on the market.

Next I placed a Samsung Galaxy S10 at my 50 foot indoor test location running a iperf server app. Here are the results I saw an average of 200Mbps throughput with spikes to 230Mbps and lows of 150Mbps.

When we compare this to my test with the EnGenius 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 EWS377AP where we saw a 160Mbps average at the same location we can see those additional radio chains do not go unused. We saw a 40Mbps bump in single client performance with the Ruckus R730! Some of this can be attributed to the beamflex antenna elements I am sure.