EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi Offers Exposure Analysis

EnGenius has added a new feature to it’s cloud Wi-Fi controller to help fight Covid-19 in the workplace. You are first required to opt in from the privacy menu to enable this feature. It looks at client devices with a close proximity to the same Wi-Fi Access Points at the same time.

Once enabled you select the client device in question. Exposure Analysis will show which other devices this person has come in close contact with during a given time period.

The above screen shows that Jeff’s iPhone came in close contact with Brandi’s iPhone at 10:07AM.

In conclusion EnGenius Cloud Wi-Fi with Exposure Analysis is great tool to aid in the reopening of businesses and schools while also exceeding the need for better Wi-Fi.

Click here for more information on the EnGenius Cloud managed Wi-Fi devices with Exposure Analysis

Battle of the Wi-Fi 6 phones S10 vs iPhone 11 which is fastest?

I now have both a Samsung Galaxy S10e and a iPhone 11 pro in house along with some of the best Wi-Fi 6 access points. I wanted to compare speeds at 3 locations in my home using iPerf and see what the differences are when connecting to a 4×43 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point the EnGenius ECW230.

I setup the ECW230 on a clear 5Ghz 80Mhz channel in my office and first tested at 5 feet away sitting in a Qi charger. The iPhone averaged 550Mbps while the S10 averaged 650Mbps. The difference was the iPhone speed was very consistent while the S10 started lower and ramped up.

iPhone 11 Pro 5 feet from AP on charger
S10e 5 feet from AP on charger

Next I moved the handsets to a position 25 feet away with line of sight to the ECW230 . The iPhone averaged 325Mbps and the S10 about 360Mbps again the iPhone was more consistent.

iPhone 11 Pro 25 feet from AP
S10 25 feet from AP

Lastly I moved the phones 50 feet away from the ECW230 there were several walls in between. Here the iPhone won out it averaged 90Mbps while the S10 did 45Mbps.

iPhone 11 Pro 50 feet from AP
S10 50 feet from AP

The good news is Wi-Fi 6 clients perform really well at range and we have even seen speed improvements in Wi-Fi 5 Clients connecting to a Wi-Fi 6 Access Point. Even at 50 feet there is still plenty of throughput to stream 4K Ultra HD with HDR on Netflix (25Mbps).

It is also a great time to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 with the 2 major phone brands supporting it. We have the ECW230 in stock here it is cloud manged and is great for business or home use.

EnGenius Cloud Managed Wi-Fi System Demo Video

If you are currently using Cloud managed Access Points and are sick of paying the cloud license fees then EnGenius cloud managed Wi-Fi is for you. These are business class Access Points and Switches with great capacity and features. Don’t pay another year of renewals on old hardware that just works ok when you can get the latest Wi-Fi 6 Access Points now.

I made a short video demonstrating some of the features of the EnGenius Cloud managed Wi-Fi system.

For the latest in Wi-Fi 6 check out the ECW230 here this is a 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 AP it can be powered by a 802.3at PoE switch like the ECS1112FP here.  We have does extensive testing and the advantages or Wi-Fi 6 are clear see my blog posts here.  These would be great for hotels, schools, and any high density public venu.

EnGenius did a stress test on the Wi-Fi 6 AP’s and cloud controller at 2020 new years eve party in Taiwan with over 20,000 visitors click here to see the video.

For a great general purpose cloud managed AP see the ECW120 here it can be powered by any 802.3af PoE switch like the cloud managed ECS1008P here.  We have used these in restaurants and hotels with great success.

Click here to see all the EnGenius Cloud managed AP’s and switches.

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