The Best Electric Scooter? | GOTRAX XR ULTRA 300W cold weather range test

I did a range test with the GOTRAX XR ULTRA in 30 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Even with the reduced battery power and many hills I was able to complete 6 miles and still had 45% battery left! Click here for the 300w 15.5MPH 16 mile range XR ultra reviewed here Click here for the 250W 15.5MPH 12.5 mile range XR for click here for the 250W 15.5MPH 9 to 12 mile range GXL V2

WORX L Model WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Review

The WR153 L is working great for me just look at the lawn! A couple of things I didn’t touch on there is a great app you can use to control and schedule so you should have a strong outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point the ECW260 is a great one There is also an Alexa skill landroid robotic mower I use this along with Alexa routines to schedule the mower. I use smarthings along with webcore to check the weather reports and set a virtual switch that I can use in the Alexa routine to not go out if it has just rained. I have another Alexa routine that will send it back to the dock one hour after it started mowing to preserve the battery. You can purchase here Here is the ACS ultrasonic sensor if you have lots of items on your lawn I also recommend the garage here I used 2 extra stake kits to secure the wire here video may contain a paid link

WORX WG543.9 20V Power Share LEAFJET Cordless Leaf Blower Review. Does it Compare To a Gas Blower?

I did a quick review of the WORX WG543.9 LEAFJET Cordless Leaf Blower. This thing is super light under 4 pounds how does this compare to a 20 pound gas blower? You can purchase the LEAFJET here The gutter attachment only works with the 20v version it is here video may contain a paid link