Wi-Fi 6E Intel AX210 on Windows 10 Desktop, Hamina Wireless, EnGenius Certs, ECW336 ECW215 ship date

I install a Wi-Fi 6E Intel AX210 on a windows Windows 10 Desktop read the blog post here https://www.keenansystems.com/wordpress/2022/06/29/adding-a-wi-fi-6e-adapter-to-a-windows-10-desktop-computer/

We talk about the Hamina Wireless Tools for Tools for designing wireless networks, from Wi-Fi 6E to 4G / 5G and more. more info here https://www.hamina.com/

More info on the engenius certifications here https://academy.engenius.ai/certifications

The Wi-Fi 6E ECW336 will be shipping in July and the ECW215 in August