iPhone 15 Pro Wi-Fi 6E and Wired Speed Testing 6Ghz is seriously fast!

With the release of the iPhone 15 the big change that most people will notice is the USB-C port replacing Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable. But the most important change is that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max now support 6Ghz Wi-Fi 6E.

I will do a near and far speed test with two of the best business class TriBand Wi-Fi 6E AP’s available

The EnGenius ECW336

and the Ruckus R760

both of these are connected to a ECS2510FP 2.5G switch.

I am running them on non overlapping 160Mhz channels.

I will use the USB-C port to do a wired baseline speed test. I have a Cable Creation 2.5G Ethernet to USB Adapter connected to the iPhone with a Type C to USB 3.0 USBC Adapter

First I ran speedtest my xfinity Internet maxes out around 1.4Gbps

Then I used a iPerf server on the Iphone I got a maximum speed of 2.3Gbps

Next I did a Wi-Fi test with the EnGenius ECW336 at 10 feet and got 1.4Gbps!

Then I ran a iPerf test I got 1.5Gbps

Next I did the same tests with the Ruckus R760 getting around the same 1.4 Gbps

Then with iPerf I got a maximum of 1.6Gbps

6Ghz does not travel quite as far as 5Ghz so plan on using about 30% more access points if you want full 6E coverage. However the signal quality at longer distances is still very good compared to 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz meaning you might not see as many bars of signal but still have a great connection.

For the next tests I moved 40 feet away from the AP’s

I got 320Mbps from speedtest

Then I got a maximum speed of 449Mbps with iPerf

Last I will do the same test with the Ruckus R760

I get 335 Mbps

and a maximum of 254Mbps with iPerf

In conclusion Wi-Fi 6E on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is extremally fast! We are getting close to wired speeds with Wi-Fi and the same or better speeds than a windows laptop. This will open up lots of new application possibilities and speed up all network operations including streaming, gaming and downloads. The Ruckus R760 did not have an advantage in this single client test but if there were any interference or a large number of 6Ghz clients I am sure it wound fare better. The EnGenius ECW336 has great 6E performance and can be added to any network where you want or need faster speeds.

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